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African Waves acquired by Bahgat Group , sets standards as a professional consultancy in the fields of Broadcasting, Telecommunications, Test & Measurements, Multimedia, Education, Instrumentation and Professional Systems. African Waves is an innovator and leader in the integration of performance and different technologies.
The expertise gained has given the firm a strong local and international client base and a "can do well" reputation. AfricanWaves believes their industry has no boundaries and they are continually striving to develop and implement new and unprecedented practical design solutions.

We have our own HUB (STMI and Link Star) which is placed in Dreamland in 6 th of October, Egypt; further to that, we also have our terminals ready to be installed at any time.
Our Vision: AfricanWaves is targeting IT, Telecommunication and Broadcasting sectors in Africa for a total integration into these industries.

Mission: African Wave's mission is to provide a quality satellite communication network for broadband internet, voice and data applications.
We are also specialized in providing innovation for passive and active components, testing and planning of engineering software to the wireless world

Values:Achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction by providing convenient solutions at a suitable price and featured with the respective support.

Achieve highest support standards by continuously updating the skills of the employees through industry standard certifications and training.
Achieve highest level of employee satisfaction by providing a work environment that is open, intuitive and allows scope for creativity, innovation and is simultaneously meeting the workers social needs .

Partners : AfricanWaves is an official agent for STM, VIASAT, Cable free, PAV, JPF and ACOME who are the leaders in the wireless and cable solutions in the entire world.



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