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Events and News
Pegasus club

Pegasus Sports Club (PSC) is a destination of enduring spirit and passion, a place whose heart and soul is expressed in rich iconography, timeless rituals and modern heroes. At Pegasus, sport is life, champions thrive and legends are born. With over 35 acres of sporting facilities, academies, leisure venues, cultural activities and retail opportunities, PSC is inspired by the greatest cities in the world, but at its heart beats the very essence of sport.
At Pegasus Club, we offer a wide array of sports facilities such as Swimming, Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball...etc. Pegasus is bringing a new level of soccer to Egypt, AC Milan Soccer School under a year-round supervision of the official technical director of AC Milan that will bring its very own talent, expertise and success right here at Pegasus Sports Club.

    Dreamland- Wahat Road
    6th of October - Cairo, Egypt




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