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Egyptian Plastic Industry (EPI) is one of Bahgat Group industrial companies established (at first) as a plastic injection factory in 1995. It has been altered as one factory of international electronics with six plastic injection machines serving the injection of TV plastic components. In 1998 it has been reestablished a a separate company under the name EPI. Additional plastic machines were added in the year 1998 to 2000 to increase the volume to twelve plastic injection machines covering plastic products from 1gm up to 10kg.

Our Vision: "By the end of 2010, Egyptian Plastic Industries Company will be one of the industry leaders in Egypt with the highest market share and will compete in the International market".


Our Mission: "Egyptian Plastic Industries Company manufactures highly reliable Plastic products (injection or extrusion) for industrial or domestic purposes with higher quality and reasonable pricing". Objectives To provide all (Bahgat Group) industrial companies with the specified plastic components (i.e.refrigerator, gas cooker, T.V, washing machine, air condition) To operate all machines 24/7, in order to manufacture a higher amount of domestic products. To provide industrial plastic components to any industrial company both national and international.".

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