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Events and News
Dream TV Network

Dream TV Channel
A window to the world offering best entertainment by meeting the audiences' expectations.
Apart from shows, movies and the latest plays, the spectator is also provided with the broadcasting of programs which contain real TV,information and news as well as discussion groups and talk shows presented by the best anchormen and talk masters.

Dream TV Goals.
Dream TV is dedicated to create well-being for the audience by providing useful advises, interactive cooperation, entertainment with the latest songs, video clips and interviews of the most famous super stars of Egypt's entertainment scene
By providing full information on legal and religious subjects during particular programs, Dream TV is giving the opportunity to the audience for interactive participation concerning legal and religious matters, presented by religiously highly appreciated representatives.
TV shows dealing with matters of interest for youth as well as for women are also part of Dream TV's wide range of entertainment. From the latest tips on health, beauty and fashion, the hottest stars and most interesting subjects for young people up to a choice of the best movies and soap operas produced in house, Dream TV is dedicated to meet all different kinds of taste and interest.
Being the most watched channel in Egypt and the Middle East according to a Media research survey, Dream TV is maintaining its unique position on the market. Due to dedication, well-maintained relation with the audience, consistency in quality improvement and continuous updates, Dream TV has reached a level of confidence and professionalism among all viewers within its range of broadcasting.


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