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EGYDAN was founded by Bahgat Group of Egypt and Monberg & Thorsen A/S of Denmark in 1997. EGYDAN now is fully registered as a joint stock company and is rapidly developing. The company is established to satisfy the need of the Egyptian Construction market to achieve a cost effective work quality.

EGYDAN provides “a full professional package” either as Project Management or as Contractor in the field of Civil Engineering Projects or Building Works using National and International Standards and Contract Forms. Our service can be generally addressed to the following areas:

  • Design Management
  • Tender Management
  • Construction Management
  • Construction Supervision

    ’s experienced team is technically and economically well-balanced, EGYDAN’s experienced engineers and architects assure timely completion with an agreement upon quality of work at specified costs.  

    Hence, EGYDAN has, well-equipped with tools, fully developed over the last six years in Quality and Project Management Manuals and Cost Control. 

    EGYDAN is striving to be the customers' preferred partner

    Value-Adding:  EGYDAN focuses on obtaining an agreed level of quality at the agreed time of handing over and at a competitive cost – we develop solutions, we use our experience and prove our competencies. With consistency.In February 2003, the two founders (MTHojgaard & Bahgat Group) decided to end the merge between the two groups. Bahgat Group decided to have EGYDAN continuing as an active Project Manager and Construction Company in Egypt

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