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Events and News
Fit Inn

Fit inn is the first center adopting and implementing the idea of wellness in Egypt.
Specially designed for Women, it is the first and only “women wellness center” in 6th of October city with this scale.
Designed & built on a total area of approximately 500 m2, Fit inn includes & provides an array of facilities & services.

Situated in Dream Mall, Dreamland, Fit inn is the only center offering a variety of programs and workouts that fit all tastes and styles.
Whether it’s the cardiovascular training, circuit training or the carefully designed personal training programs, aerobics and other fun classes we’ve got it all under one roof.

Women do not have to worry about a thing. We help them lose weight, re-shape their bodies, relief their stress, have fun and take care of their children while doing all that.

Our Mission: "To make women look the way they want to feel".

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